Domestic Painting & Decorating

We can provide painting and decorating services to domestic residences of any size, whether the work needed is external or internal, in just one room, or the entire property.

We take the utmost care with all domestic projects, offering a smooth service throughout, and ensuring we work around your daily routines. We always use plastic sheeting and dust sheets, protecting your possessions at all times, and should any furniture need moving, we will always advise you first, moving it carefully and returning it to its original place by the end of the day.

We have experience ranging across contemporary, shabby chic, modern and traditional styles of painting and decorating.

We can also offer free professional interior design advice.

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Commercial Painting & Decorating

We have experience in every kind of sector ranging from offices, restaurants, nightclubs & pubs, hotels, health and education, to social housing and retail outlets.

Every project is different and requires different planning and design strategies. We can easily plan, organise and manage an entire commercial painting project, leaving you free to concentrate on the rest of your business. We also take the cost out of commercial painting – by working alongside the UK’s largest paint manufacturers, we can cut your costs without cutting corners.

We offer every type of commercial painting service a business might need, internal or external, using specialist coatings, or redecorating historical properties. All of our painters are fully qualified in surface preparation, prior-to-paint repairs and the correct techniques to use in different environments. We make sure your job gets the correct paint specification so that the finished result will look perfect every time.

Industrial Painting & Decorating

We have developed a broad knowledge whilst working within the industrial sector, gaining practical experience on the various techniques and paints available for the tasks associated with industrial painting.

Whether it’s a factory floor, bridge or warehouse, we stay up to date with the latest in painting systems and application methods, ensuring you get an efficient and cost effective service.

Once we fully understand your requirements, we’ll provide you with a clear quotation, making sure that we deliver the right industrial painting solution for your business.

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Painter for a Day

Our painter and decorator Essex and London day service is ideal for smaller jobs. On hiring one of our painters and decorators for a day they can do just about anything around your home or workplace:
The service provides the customer with a fully qualified painter and Decorator for 8 hours to do miscellaneous Painting and decorating, repair and touch up projects at the customer’s direction.

An ideal service to deal with those smaller jobs and high traffic areas that simply need some refreshing.

The daily rate includes all sundry items necessary for repair and preparation of the area to be painted.

Paint is to be supplied by the customer or we can provide it at an extra charge.

All our tradesmen will provide an honest day’s work on your projects starting with those tasks you designate as highest in priority. It is the client’s responsibility to direct our tradesmen and to be available to answer questions.


Our promise to you is simple: The quality you expect in a timeline that is unexpected.

1. Great quality painting
2. On time production
3. Exceptional communication
4. Thorough cleanup

Wall Coverings

Wallpaper can make an astonishing difference to an otherwise featureless room, and really improve the personality of your building.

Our decorators are experts in applying wide vinyl and conventional wall coverings with special expertise in commercial and residential surroundings, giving all our clients the same levels of care and attention.

Our other wallpapering services include paper removal, installation, wall lining, and treatments. Using the latest methods of application and contemporary decorating techniques, our teams can deliver an efficient and professional service, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.

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Out of Hours Service

Understanding your company’s opening hours can be busy, we provide a full out of hours service. We’ll work in partnership with you to ensure that our approach fits your needs and circumstances, leaving nothing but the finished result for you to see the next morning.

We’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee we get the job done with minimal or no disruption. Our flexibility enables us to work through the night, or the weekend, to ensure your workplace is cleaned immaculately and ready for opening hours.

Airless Spraying

Applying paint to a surface by spraying produces the best paint finish possible, entirely free from brush and roller marks.

We offer an airless paint spraying service to all our customers whether it be painting large or small buildings , single houses, commercial projects or industrial factories. Airless spray painting can be applied to new or refurbished surfaces leaving a finish that no brush or roller can compete with.
Being up to 10 times faster than the conventional brush and roller techniques on new plaster, airless spraying can make light work of a large area to be painted or painting decorative coving leaving a better finish in a fraction if the time.

Exterior building painting and all decorating jobs where a high rate of paint application is required, airless spray is the only choice of spray equipment for the job. Multiple tip sizes and extension poles can be used depending on the surface area to be painted to speed up the process of painting. When painting houses or buildings, our pumps can handle all smooth decorative paints from stains and varnish, through gloss, primers, acrylics, vinyl emulsion to heavy masonry coatings.

We carry out all sorts of airless spray paint finishes including upvc front doors, metal and wood garage doors, shop fronts industrial buildings to mist coating new build projects if requested, for any inquires get in touch today…

Lawrence and sons services
Lawrence and sons services

Fire Protection

We have experience with spraying in specialist premises and environments and in particular, those that need heat and fire protection. Fire protective paints and coatings can be applied using spraying apparatus which gives a heat and fire resistant layer which slows the spread of fire and heat. This spraying technique means you can reach those hard to access areas, making sure you have peace of mind that your area is fully protected.

So for any of your spraying inquires get in touch today

Block Properties

We work with Block property managers in London and Essex delivering a No Hassle Painting and Decorating service that fits your needs ” with our team of professional block property painters and decorators it’s a quick and cost effective means of redecorating block properties with ease.

Our block property painters and decorators will help create:

  • A quick and cost effective means of redecorating block properties internally and externally
  • A professional paint finish for communal areas,commercial premises, residential blocks, multiple use developments, and new builds
  • A great first impression for new tenants and lasting satisfaction from existing tenants.
  • Highly experienced, professional and well managed redecoration service

If your a block property management company and looking for professional painters and decorators to take care of your buildings internal or external decorating needs call us today for a free quote.

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Paint Finishes

Behind every new shade and paint-effect trend is a paint finish. Figuring out which paint to use, and where, can be difficult. We know this because we’re often asked for advice by our customers. On one hand, paint finishes of all kinds have become versatile with the introduction of better quality water-based paints, but if you’re trying to create a specific effect, you do need to know the differences between the main finishes, so here is a introduction to gloss, satinwood and eggshell finish paints.


Gloss creates a high sheen finish that lasts. It is more durable than other paint finishes and for this reason it’s the most popular choice for high wear areas like doors, where gloss wood paints are the natural choice. Gloss paint is also commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms where surfaces need to be able to withstand more wear and tear. If you are looking for an exterior paint, gloss should be your first choice because of its durability.


A mid-sheen finish is best achieved with satinwood paint, which is used for interior painting for durability. When it comes to painting windowsills and skirting boards, satinwood is becoming an increasingly popular choice because it tends to retain a bright white colour longer than gloss paints, though water-based glosses now perform well in this area. You can more often than not skip the undercoat by using satin gloss too.


More matte than gloss or satinwood, subtler eggshell paint is another top choice for interiors. If you want to create a shabby chic or period-style finish, eggshell may be your best paint partner. It’s great on plasterboard, which makes it very compatible with modern homes and it can be used on wood and metal too. It’s also a good base for layering paint effects.
Still not sure what to choose? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through which materials will be most suitable for your interiors or exterior painting projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of painting and decorating services for both residential and commercial properties. Our services, include:

  • Domestic Painting and Decorating
  • Industrial Painting and Decorating
  • Commercial Painting and Decorating
  • Wall Coverings
  • Painter For A Day
  • Airless Spraying
  • Out Of Hours Service
  • Block Properties
  • Fire Protection
  • Paint Finishes

What Type Of Paint Finishes Do You Offer?

Working out which paint to use and where in your property can be difficult, which is why we can advise you on the best colour and shade for your property. We offer different finishes, including gloss, satinwood and eggshell. We can talk you through materials that would be most suitable for the interior or exterior of your property.

Which Areas Do You Cover?

We cover a variety of areas across Essex and in London, so many property owners can benefit from our services. Visit our Areas We Cover page to see if your location is on the list.

Do You Offer Out Of Office Hours?

Yes, we deliver a full out of office service. Our team are flexible and will work with you to ensure that our approach fits your requirements. We are able to work through the night or the weekend, making sure that we leave your property with brilliant finished results, as well as an immaculate workplace ready for your opening hours. Get in touch to find out more.