Fire Protection in Essex & London

We have experience with spraying in specialist premises and environments and in particular, those that need heat and fire protection. Fire protective paints and coatings can be applied using spraying apparatus which gives a heat and fire resistant layer which slows the spread of fire and heat. This spraying technique means you can reach those hard to access areas, making sure you have peace of mind that your area is fully protected.

Our Intumescent Coating Services

Using intumescent paint can not only save the structural integrity of a building in the event of a fire, it can also save lives.
At ambient temperatures, Intumescent Coatings on structural steel will remain stable and unreactive. At very high temperatures, such as the ones caused in the event of a fire, the heat triggers a chemical reaction which causes the Intumescent Coating to expand.

By the time the reaction is complete, the paint will have expanded to many times its original thickness and turned into a foam-like, insulating coating called the ‘char’. The char insulates the steel, protecting it from the high temperatures which may put the building in danger of structural failure. Intumescent Coatings will also reduce the flammability of painted timber or masonry, slowing down flame spread in the event of a fire. It is applied with state of the art airless spray units, ensuring the highest quality of structural protection.

We use paints and coatings from leading suppliers such as Nullifire, Jotun, Leigh’s Paints, Interact epoxy casing systems, british gypsum.

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