Should I Spray My UPVC Windows…..

We’re carrying out more and more projects were clients are asking “can you paint upvc plastic windows and doors” the 1980s looking white upvc plastic or even the wood effect just doesn’t give a contemporary look to your property anymore and people are searching for an alternative solution to brown and white pvc windows and doors. Looking to achieve a more modern look to their property by adding matt black, dark greys or in more traditional properties heritage style colours like off whites and olive greens. We are able to save you money on buying new windows which in most cases requires a painting company like ours to come and repair all your internal window reveals, as there are normally damage left due to double glazing company’s replacing your old windows and leaving the internal plastered reveals in some what a mess. We are totally able to prevent this also via airless spray painting your UPVC windows a new colour.

That’s where Lawrence & Son can Step In…

Your UPVC windows and doors can be painted any colour with our connections to specialist paint manufacturers, you just pick a colour and we can match it , run it though one of our HVLP airless paint sprayers and before no time you will have your desired PVC window and door colours of choice.

Domestic or commercial buildings can both benefit massively from our service i.e adding value to their building but most importantly adding a dramatic and contemporary look and finish.

As always with painting and decorating preparation is key and there is a lot of masking tape and paper used to protect around brickwork and glass before setting up the pump and loading the paint into the machine. We triple clean our PVC windows or doors before spraying to make sure there is no debris or dust that could effect the finish or contaminate the paint.

Lastly the big revile. Once we have carefully prepared and sprayed your UPVC windows we then de-mask everything, this is where the property really comes to life and you see the finished result.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please leave a comment or follow the link to our website we’re always here to help.

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Thanks for reading this post we hope it was a use to you in deciding whether to change the colour of your UPVC windows, if your still unsure get in touch and we would be happy to assist you in making your decision.